Welcome to a flowerful life!

Every week our crazy creative florists will handpick the freshest seasonal flowers and lovingly ship them to you. Each flowerful box comes with an arrangement guide on how to take care of your blooms and arrange each bunch.

Choose from weekly or bi-weekly deliveries. Trust us, there's nothing better than receiving fresh flowers when and how you want it!

We want you to be happy

If at any time you are unhappy or dissatisfied with the freshness of the blooms, just let us know. We will gladly take them back and ship you the freshest stems in two days.

Pause and smell the roses

Not around this week or just want to tone down the brightness? Don't worry we can hold your deliveries! Just drop us a line.

Just tell us when

We are not a recurring payment plan so if you feel like you don't need flowers always and always, you can just unsubscribe from our list. It doesn't cost anything!

Why the box?

With great flower power, comes great responsibility - sustainability! We handpick the exact number of flowers to serve our community and all our packaging is recyclable.

We aim for minimal waste and you can leave the empty box out for us to collect the following week.

Still not sure?

Click here to get in touch with us or click here to read our FAQs which might have the answer you need!