Frequently Asked Questions

About hand-tied

How does Hand-Tied work?

We're glad you asked! Each week (if you picked the weekly plan) we bring together a stunning seasonal arrangement. Our flowers are cut to order (super fresh blooms and zero wastage), boxed and then shipped to you.
Each box comes with an arranging and care guide so you can take the best care of your blooms and find your 15minutes of zen as you follow our step by step arrangement guide.

Will I know what flowers to expect in my weekly box?

We love to keep an element of surprise and hear the Ooooo's when you open up the box. Though if you are not big on surpirses, every Sunday morning we will post a picture of our weekly arrangements on our Instagram account.

How fresh are Hand-Tied flowers?

Flowers from supermarkets and florists just sit around waiting to be bought.Our flowers are freshly cut and delivered to you in bud or mid-bloom (depending on the stems). If you are not content with the freshness of your blooms, please write to us at and we will replace your hand-tied bunch in 3 days or process a refund!

What can I expect in my weekly Hand-Tied box?

We provide the most gorgeous flowers on a weekly basis.


We don’t use plastic our gorgeous stems come hand-tied and wrapped in paper along with flower food and details about the flowers along with guidelines on how to care for your blooms.


Every hand-tied box is unique and delivers joy and color to you and your space.

When can I expect my box?

Your first Box will be delivered between 7-9 days after we receive the order. Weekly boxes are delivered on Sunady or Thursday mornings. You can pick your preferred date during checkout.
All other deliveries will be made between the 16th or the 29th of each month, unless specified otherwise.

Can I create my own box ie pick my own flowers?

We're a small business and can't pack custom boxes. But never say never and we hope to provide customisations in the near future.

Billing and Payment

What are the different payment methods?

This is the only instance where we accept plastic. We process payments from major credit cards:
  • Visa
  • Mastercard

When will I be billed?

You will be billed immediately upon signup. You will only pay for what we deliver.

Can I cancel at any time?

Cancel whenever you like!


Do I have to be in when you deliver?

Nope! We normally deliver really early in the morning and we wouldn't want to wake anyone up. When you sign up we'll ask you where you'd like them to be left (a safe spot) if you're not in. So when you show up at your door your lovely box of surprise will be waiting for you!

Will my flowers still be fresh waiting for me at the door?

They will be absolutely fine. Just give them a drink as soon as you get home and they will perk up in no time!

Do my flowers have to come every week?

Well most people love to have super fresh flowers every week. They love the change in space and the new freshness and fragrance that they bring. However, you can opt for a one-time delivery as well.

Where do you ship?

We currently only ship to UAE