Right off the bat

A majority of our blooms are packed in bud form so they take around a couple of days to fully bloom. So you personally get to witness the beautiful journey from bud to bloom.

Some hardy blooms like Alstroemerias could take up to 3-4 days to completely open. If you are in a rush you can place their ends in warm water. Our care guides provide everything you need to know about the blooms and foliage packed in your flowerful box.


Trim the plant

Make sure you cut the stems before placing them in water. Your flowers will last longer and you can enjoy them for days.. Make sure you trim each stem and an angle to create a larger surface area.


Give it water

They've traveled a bit to get to you, be a nice host and give them a drink. Cool clean water is all they need. Clean out the vase before you pop them in.


Clean the stem

Strip any leaves below the waterline since it's a breeding ground for bacteria and slashes their freshness and life. It's also visually pleasing.


Keep it in a cool place

Flowers do turn to the sun but avoid direct sunshine and keep your blooms in a cool place and not next to heat sources.


Flower food is basically sugar and anti-bacterial mix. It helps to keep the flowers fresh a bit longer and just creates a thriving environment.


A glorious display

  • Pop your taller stems in the center and have your focal flowers arranged in a triangular fashion around the edge of the vase.

  • Trim your stems to different heights but make sure that they are supported by other stems around them.

  • Floppier blooms like tulips, ranunculus and cala lilies we recommend trimming them close to the neck of the vase so that they don't droop and snap.

Our care guides provide everything you need to know about arranging the blooms and foliage packed in your flowerful box.

Attention to details

  • To keep your blooms perky and fresh take an inch off every 2-3 days.

  • Change the water every couple of days. You can just place your vase under the faucet (if height permits) and run the water. Out with the old and in with the new.

  • No one likes to be pushed around and get stepped on their feet. Give your stems some room to breathe and have a drink. Don't overcrowd your stems, let them spread and flourish.

Vase of flowers in front of a hand tied box