Tote-lly Flowerful!

Hand-tied box has been reinventing sending and receiving flowers for over a year now! We are tote-lly driven by the belief that self-love or self-care is a journey that YOU embark on, and you shouldn't wait around for someone to buy YOU flowers! 

Introducing, for the very first time in the region Tote Blooms! We are now shipping SINGLE-VARIETY BLOOMS every week to your doorstep! Hand-tied with love and shipped in cute reusable tote bags, which you can place on your door for your weekly or bi-weekly refill!

Great feedback from our community powered this idea. Mini subscriptions at half the cost! 

We promise seasonal, beautiful single variety tote surprises that arrive in bud and bloom through the week. Pop them in a single vase or dot them through your home in statement bud vases!

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