The Flower Power

The Flower Power

We all know that flowers can brighten up any room and add a little oomph wherever they go. But did you know that they have other MAJOR benefits as well?

We have rounded up some of our favorites and a few reasons why you should have fresh flowers around you!

Even though air fragrance plugins and candles have become extremely popular in recent years, flowers are the original room fresheners! There are quite a few plants and flowers that transform air quality for the better. Research has shown that flowers like Peace Lilies, Gerberas and Bromelias help remove harmful toxins from the air and can even improve a night’s rest as they give out large amounts of oxygen.

Have you ever noticed that, when you are in a not-so-good mood and you see a bunch of fresh flowers, your mood suddenly uplifts? One of the main benefits of having fresh flowers at home is their effect on your mental health. The colors and fragrances of flowers like Tulips, Daisies and Lavenders have calming effects on the mind. You can keep your beautiful blooms in your bedroom or living area to create a calm environment. Many workplaces have flowers in their meeting rooms and common work areas because it helps to reduce stress.


Do you ever wonder why there are so many drawings of flowers? It is partly because flowers improve mood and sparks creativity. When your mood is fresh, your mind switched to a creative gear. Creativity is not only depicted through your performance at work but also in the way you spend your day. Keep fresh flowers on your desk, etc. and keep this positive flow of energy intact.


You don’t believe us?Placing flowers like Lavender, Jasmine and Gardenia or even eucalyptus leaves in your bedroom helps you to wake up to soothing and cheering view. They can also help you get a nice and relaxing night of sleep. If you are someone who has trouble sleeping, you’ll be happy to know that the scents of these flowers have relaxing and sedative powers which can help you fall asleep.

So there you have it friends, fresh flowers are good for the soul!

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