Ladies, just buy yourself the flowers!

Ladies, just buy yourself the flowers!

Who doesn't love fresh flowers, and

why should you wait around for an occasion to gift yourself flowers!

Here I was thinking those exact lines again and again, and then it struck me, why shouldn't I go ahead and buy an armload of flowers for myself?

So, I went around looking for the freshest blooms in grocery stores, farmer's markets, and brick and mortar stores. Every week I got new flowers, arranged them myself, and placed them in a vase on my dining table. Now, the flowers were beautiful, but they all looked the same, every bunch I bought that week sat the same way in my vase and left me wanting a bit more. So, off I went again, and this time around, I started buying bunches of 3 from the grocery store (just because it was so close to where I live). I bought a bunch of lilies, then added foliage, and then bought a bunch of garden roses too to complete the look. It cost me an arm and a leg! Okay, this wasn't going to work if I was planning to replace the bunch every week.


My brain cells started to flicker - what if all the three individual bunches were shipped to me on the weekly? And, all I had to do was enjoy my 15 minutes of peace and just be present in the moment with my fragrant blooms. And that's how ladies and gentleman hand-tied came to life!

There a few things I discovered when I arranged flowers for myself every Thursday:
  1. Firstly, I don't need to wait around for someone to buy me flowers, I just always had them around me.
  2. They brought life and vitality to my face and space.
  3. This oldest art of flower arranging is a highly effective meditative process.
  4. My creative cells just kept multiplying.
  5. It took me way from my mindless Instagram scrolling in the mornings.
There you have it. Why wait around for a special occasion, go on and fill your space with love and color!



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