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Hand Tied Box


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Snake Plant also known as Mother in law’s tongue, this one is a toughie and can survive pretty much any temperature. Snake plants are also extremely forgiving and perfect for first-time plant dads and plant moms. Unlike other plants they’re also known to give you that good O2 in the night, making it a perfect addition to your bedroom.

Not too friendly with Pets. Air purifying.


25 cm Sanseveria in a 15 x 28cm Waterproof and Reusable Pot Cover and my very own Planual (plant manual)


Free shipping within Dubai with a delivery time of 5- 7 days


Air purifying.

All plant dads and plant moms make mistakes! To get you covered, add the plant insurance to your order for a one-time replacement in the unfortunate circumstance of your plant losing it’s life**

** Terms and conditions
- When you reach out to us, send us a picture of your plant baby and we will give you suggestions on how to revive it (if possible)
- The replacement is one-time only