"Halston liked Orchids"

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Now, why did Halston love these delicate blooms? If you haven't watched the designer's Netflix series yet, TLDR - Halston had a thing for orchids!

Floral designer Renny Reynolds, who supplied Halston with flowers, told Vogue,

"He had a burgundy Gae Aulenti table that he loved to have filled with lots of white phalaenopsis."

You can now enjoy these delicate and luxe blooms in the comfort of your own home. Just remember to keep their soil moist but not soggy so their visible roots are always green and plush! 

The phalaenopsis orchids bloom typically lasts from two to three months. Get it Sassy!



30 cm Phalaenopsis in a 15cm Pot (shape of pot may vary) and my very own Planual (plant manual).