Monstera Deliciosa

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Monstera plant nicknamed the Swiss Cheese Plant. It's stunning, vibrant and leafy, this single plant can lift your interiors giving it a bit of a jungle vibe.

Wondering why Monstera leaves have holes?: One theory is that this perforation maximizes the leaf’s surface area, and therefore its ability to capturing sunlight on the rainforest floor.

Keep away from pets. Air purifying.

60cm Monstera Plant in a 20 x 34cm Waterproof and Reusable Pot Cover and my very own Planual (plant manual)

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All plant dads and plant moms make mistakes! To get you covered, add the plant insurance to your order for a one-time replacement in the unfortunate circumstance of your plant losing it’s life**

** Terms and conditions
- When you reach out to us, send us a picture of your plant baby and we will give you suggestions on how to revive it (if possible)
- The replacement is one-time only