No bleach please

No bleach please

No bleach please

There is an influx of altered plant and flower materials coming through the flower markets these days. Bleached leaves and flowers, colored grass, colored blooms the list is endless.

As fancy as they may look, they are not the best for your blooms or the environment.

Now don't get us wrong, we love it when people add a cute spin to their plants, but the gram took this a bit too far.

The process of bleaching flowers and bringing them to you is long and extremely harmful to the environment from start to finish.

The aim of bleaching is to "remove all colored compounds."

This can be achieved in two ways:

- oxidative bleaching (hypochlorite, chlorite, peroxide)

- reductive bleaching (sulfites, borohydrides).

After they are dipped in one of the chemical concoctions, they are then put through another chemical process so they can "control the yellowing".

Once it is bleached and protected from yellowing, they also have to be "unsmelly" from all the chemicals that have been used. You guessed it. More chemicals!

We won't get into the nitty-gritty but the long and strenuous chemical treatments strip out the natural elements of these beautiful delicate blooms. By the end of the bleaching process, the flowers are covered in a dangerous cocktail of chemicals.

We don't have to cause such extensive damage to people and the planet.

The big question is why are we doing this and stripping these gorgeous blooms of their natural beauty?

All the little imperfections make them even more beautiful and bring in so much life and good vibes. So, why not opt-in for that natural beauty instead of an artificially modified plant?

Let's enjoy flowers that are harvested in their natural season of bloom, using green, chemical-free design techniques.

And to the flower industry?

Please put down your bleach and paint.



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